GOA Chronicles:

Genesis Penguins

July 11th, 2049

The workshop was silent except for the sounds of the base outside. Suddenly, Donald staggered back, shock painting his face. A voice, clear and unmistakable, echoed inside his head. “What are you looking at, you big elephant?”

Roland whirled around, his eyes wide. “Did you say something?” he asked, peering at Donald, who was now staring at the penguin with a mix of bewilderment and awe.

“No, it wasn’t me. It was… it was Penguin Zero!” Donald exclaimed, pointing at the bird, which seemed to regard them with an almost amused tilt of its head.

Russ, intrigued, moved closer, his scientist’s skepticism momentarily suspended. “Telepathy? Could the crystals have unlocked something like that in them?” he murmured, more to himself than to the others.

“Let’s test this further,” Russ decided, his voice tinged with excitement. “If these penguins can indeed use telepathy.” Russ leaned closer to Penguin Zero, “Can you hear my thoughts?”

The room was charged with a tense anticipation, every breath held, every moment stretched thin. Then, another voice, distinct and irritable, cut through the tension: “Why does he get all the attention?” It was Penguin One, its tone dripping with envy.

A collective sigh of relief and disbelief escaped them—they weren’t imagining things. This was real.

Roland, overwhelmed by the surreal turn of events, threw his hands up. “This is it—we’ve crossed into a fantasy realm!” He gestured dramatically. “We’ve got our strongman,” pointing at Donald, “our wizard with the flaming staff,” nodding towards Russ, “our sharpshooting ranger—that’s me—and now, animal companions who can think and speak!” He sank down, murmuring, “This has got to be a dream.”

Donald approached Roland, his expression earnest. “I know it sounds like fantasy, but it’s real. And right now, we need you to snap out of it. Penguin Zero, following the conversation, thought amusedly, “I like that guy, he’s a bit nutty.”

Penguin Two interjected with a practical concern, “Yeah, whatever, but can we get some clothes or something?”

Russ, agreeing with Penguin Two, tasked Roland, “Check our lost and found for something they can wear.” He then turned to the penguins, “For safety, we’ll keep you in the enclosures for now. We can’t predict if there’ll be hostility or other side effects from the dark crystals.”

Penguin Two shrugged resignedly, “Whatever, it’s not like we’re going anywhere anyway.”

As the extraordinary situation unfolded, it became clear that their world had changed forever. Not only had they broken new scientific ground, but they had also stumbled into an unlikely alliance that blurred the lines between fantasy and reality.

Roland returned with a pile of clothes and let the penguins pick out what they preferred to wear. Penguin Zero chose a long-brimmed hat and a cloak, making him look quite cloak and dagger like. Penguin One opted for a small brown sweater and a dark blue bandana, while Penguin Two picked out a small biker jacket.

Each penguin seemed to pick something that matched their evolving personalities. Penguin Zero appeared mysterious and kept to himself, Penguin One was more outgoing, and Penguin Two spoke his mind without care.

July 14th, 2049.

Over the next few days, Donald, Russ, and Roland watched the three penguins transform. They were far beyond ordinary penguins once they came into contact with the dark crystal. They had become something entirely different. Russ addressed all three simultaneously, “You have evolved into an entirely different species, you are no longer just penguins.” Russ ponders for a moment, “I think I’ll call you Genesis Penguins, as you are the first of your kind.” Penguin Two telepathically grunted, “Sounds fine by me,” while Penguin Zero and One sat back in their cages.

Penguin One spoke into Russ’s mind, “When will you let us out of the cages? I really don’t think we’re much of a threat.” Russ nodded, “I believe you, but would you promise me you’ll stay here in my workshop for now? I don’t want you to alarm the soldiers at the base.”

Penguin Zero looked up, then at the other two as if communicating with them, before turning back to Russ, “You have our word. You have made us into more than just mere penguins, and all we ask in return is to help in your battle against the Chthonians. We have seen what they did to the other animals in the zoo.” Penguin Zero looked down, then continued, “They turned them into monsters. They took away their freedom and enslaved them to their carnal instincts.” Russ nodded, “I’ll see what I can do and speak to Admiral Silenski. I’m sure he won’t object.”

As Russ prepared to discuss this new development with the admiral, the Genesis Penguins began training in the workshop. All three penguins showed some healing ability as the first thing they did when Russ let them out of their cage was heal his ankle from the portal battle. In addition to a similar power Russ had which was the ability to throw a ball of fire except they didn’t need a staff to aim it.

They all began to show abilities that coincided with the human that stood by them. Penguin Zero stood by Russ together they honed their magical skills slowly throwing off more and more powerful spells outside the base. Penguin One displayed agility and precision like Roland, darting around the room with incredible speed. Penguin Two favored Donald, exuded strength and fearlessness, smashing through obstacles with brute force.

When Russ finally met with Admiral Silenski, he detailed the penguins’ transformations and their desire to join the fight. The admiral, though initially skeptical, was intrigued by the potential advantages the Genesis Penguins could bring.

“Alright, Russ,” the admiral said thoughtfully. “If these penguins are as capable as you say, they might just be the edge we need. All of you prepare for a mission. Let’s see what the six of you can do together.” The Genesis Penguins’ first mission was to take out a large trio of Chthonian’s.

In the throes of a world-shattering battle, Donald and Penguin Two faced off against a monstrous creature mimicking a triceratops. With veins pulsing with newfound power, Donald charged, his eyes ablaze with determination holding it at a standstill. Next, in a breathtaking maneuver, Penguin Two soared over Donald’s head, brandishing a gleaming sword. With a warrior’s cry, he plunged the blade deep into the creature’s neck ending the battle quickly.

Meanwhile, Roland and Penguin One engaged a sinister Chthonian that soared above them, its body bizarrely resembling a pineapple. Roland unleashed a flurry of piercing arrows, shredding the creature’s wings in a flurry of feathers. Penguin One, spinning with astonishing grace, conjured a massive fireball that surged through the air, incinerating the creature in a fiery spectacle.

On another front, Russ and Penguin Zero stood valiantly against a fearsome lava-spitting snake. The beast unleashed a torrent of fire, which Penguin Zero dismissed with a flick of his flipper, unscathed. Russ and Penguin Zero, channeling ancient energies together, summoned an ice storm. Giant shards of ice rained from the sky, encasing the snake in a glittering prison of frost, silencing its fiery wrath forever.

Their success bolstered the morale of the entire base. Admiral Silenski, impressed by their performance, formally inducted the Genesis Penguins into the ranks. As the battle against the Chthonians will soon intensify, the Genesis Penguins will be invaluable allies, their unique abilities turning the tide in humanity’s favor.

July 15th, 2049.

Russ walked into Admiral Silenski’s office the next day. “Sir, you called me here?” Russ questioned. “Yes, Russ, I’ve radioed all my contacts across the globe about your scientific breakthroughs. The dark crystal will turn the tide in this war. It has become a power source, it amplifies our abilities and has brought forth a new ally to fight by our side.”

Russ looks puzzled, “So why have you asked me here then?” The admiral continues, “It seems not all penguins are changing like the ones we have here, and myself and everyone else across the globe thought you may know why.”

Pondering deeply, Russ concluded, “Only those who truly desire change can embrace it, driven by a powerful will to fight back against the Chthonians” Russ thinks back at what Zero said, “Zero talked about what he saw the Chthonians did to the animals in the zoo. It hurt him, saddened him, and angered him to the point he wanted to fight back. So he had the desire and will to want the change. So to have a Genesis Penguin may be a very rare scenario. Though from experience I can say to have one by your side will change the outcome of the most impossible battle.”

Admiral Silenski nods, “Thank you Russ, for this information and for all you’ve done for the global alliance.”

After Russ leaves the admiral’s office he meets up with Roland at his workshop. “Roland I’ve got a little something for you. After figuring out how to implement the crystal we got from the portal to our base’s power grid I then began tinkering with some of the smaller crystals. Here is a gun I call Stormfury. Powered by a small crystal it has a few pieces of tech that can help put that extra oomph into your shots.”


Roland, looking amazed at the sleek design, “Thanks, Russ! I don’t know what to say.” Russ smiles, “Just say you’ll put it to good use in our next portal closing.” Roland pats Russ on the back saying, “You know I will.”

Donald comes in slowly opening the door, “The admiral would like to talk to everyone in an hour in the square. By the sounds of it we’re taking on another portal.” Donald looks over at the three penguins sitting at a cardboard table playing cards.

Two speaks up, “We included?” Don says, “Without a doubt.”

Admiral Silenski gets in front of a podium and notices the crowd of soldiers has grown since they’ve closed the portal and retrieved the power source from it. He composes himself and begins, “The enemy is still securing their foothold in our world, but so are we! We are gaining ground every day. We have found a way around their electrical virus with a new power source that they themselves use. We have gained new allies and new powers, and continue to grow stronger around the world with each passing day.”

After a brief pause the admiral continues, “Our next target is a yellow portal guarded by a formidable stone creature. Thanks to Russel Kaizer we have new allies, and the weaponry needed to take out another portal, close it down and retrieve its crystal powering it. After we’re done closing this portal and every other portal they’ve created in our world, we’re going to follow the signal they sent to our planet and bring this war to them!”

The crowd’s roar of approval echoed into the night, a resounding symbol of their readiness to battle. More and more people came to join them in the following days, weeks and months ahead as they all knew this was the beginning of a new age and they were all ready to fight for it in a Gate Of Abyss.