Realm of Renewal: Discover the Game-Changing Updates

Hello Guardians of the Abyss!

Today, we have exciting updates about the journey you’ve embarked on in the fantastical world where reality and fantasy intertwine, the Gate of Abyss. As we continue to evolve, it’s crucial to keep our adventurous community well-informed, ensuring a harmonious and thrilling experience for all.

🌿 A Journey of Continuous Evolution:

The magical world of Gate of Abyss is teeming with untapped potential, captivating adventures, and myriad secrets, but we’re still in the early days of this enchanting expedition. The essence of gaming is perpetual development and enhancement, keeping the flames of intrigue burning for both our veteran and new players. A game that ceases to evolve casts shadows on its own future.

We’ve listened to your valuable feedback and understand that some of you might feel the game is already in its full form and thus have felt a tad disenchanted. However, rest assured, a myriad of enriching features and enhancements are on their way to elevate your gaming experience.

🌟 Upcoming Majestic Features:

  • Buildings (Shops): Prepare to establish your shops around the globe, dealing in a variety of items including Potions, Elixirs, and Gear of varying rarities and power, refreshing daily! With the necessary materials and currency, players can construct shops, contributing to the in-game economy, and creating a dynamic world teeming with commerce. This update ensures a balanced, player-driven economy, with transactions conducted between players and the system, preserving game integrity and economy. If players would like to embark on P2P trading, there are NFTs in our ecosystem (such as Genesis Penguins and GOALAND) which allow players to capitalize on the value of their digital assets.
  • Materials: Materials introduced in this update will be crucial for constructing buildings and upgrading weapons. As we unfold the feature of blacksmiths in future updates, the importance of materials will intensify, enabling gear fusing and reforging.
  • Game Balancing: Refinements are underway to ensure a balanced experience among different classes and a refined EXP system. We’ve already rolled out some fixes, for example, potions can now be consumed outside of battles and fighting more monsters which are in a group, grant higher EXP rewards!

🌀 Understanding the Server Reset:

We acknowledge that the notion of a server reset may dishearten some, but it is being conducted in the best interest of the players, providing an equal starting ground and averting any disadvantages linked to new features.

For example, capturing Outposts for the first time yields valuable drops, but without a reset, many would lose the opportunity of capturing an Outpost with new benefits such as materials, essential for constructing buildings and upgrading at blacksmiths.

We sincerely hope you understand that these modifications, while seemingly daunting, are instrumental in ensuring the longevity and fairness of Gate of Abyss. Rest assured, compensation is in place for various in-game assets, and your diligence and commitment won’t go unnoticed.

Quick Q&A Recap:

  • Server Reset is crucial for long-term game balance and richer experiences.
  • Character restart allows exploration of new classes with compensation in in-game Gin.
  • Your in-game Gin and Portal keys remain intact post-reset.
  • Exciting compensations (in in-game Gin) for your Gear & Character’s Level. A max level of 65 has been introduced temporarily, as we want players to join us in this journey of development and witness first-hand the new features that unfold.
  • You get a one-time free name change pass, and your GOALAND plots remain unaffected.

For more details, kindly refer to the detailed Q&A shared in our Discord.

Final Thoughts:

Gate of Abyss is not just a game; it’s a living, breathing world that we are shaping together. Your passion, feedback, and participation are the essence of this magical journey. We are relentlessly working to enhance your experience and bring more thrilling adventures, mysterious lands, and formidable foes to your fingertips.

Let’s keep the spirit high and continue to guard the gates, embrace the shadows, and become the beacon of hope in this mesmerizing world teetering on the edge of the Abyss. Stay Tuned, Brave Guardians! The future of Earth depends on you!

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