Unravelling The Mysteries Of Portals And Reapers

Gate of Abyss is a captivating mobile game that immerses players in a world full of mysterious portals and fierce Reapers. This blog post will explore locating and sealing portals, battling the powerful Reapers, and maximising your rewards. Let’s dive in!

Portals: Gateway to Adventure

Scattered randomly around the game’s world map, portals range from level 25 to Max-Level. Guarded by formidable Reapers, the Reapers guarding the portals become visible to players of a compatible level when they possess a Portal Key.

The Portal Key: Unlocking the Battle

Players with a compatible level must have a Portal Key to initiate the sealing process. Upon activation, the Reaper guarding the portal emerges and becomes visible to all players in the nearby area (viewable distance). Portal Keys can be acquired through various means, including defeating mobs, completing quests, or purchasing them from the in-app store. Each Key can only be used once, providing players multiple opportunities to obtain and use Portal Keys to participate in portal battles.

Destroying a Portal: The Reaper Battle

When a player initiates a portal, the Reaper’s global HP becomes visible, and a 24-hour countdown timer starts. Players of the same, or higher level as the portal, can engage in individual or collective party battles against the Reaper, reducing its HP.

Should players lose a battle, they must wait one hour before fighting the Reaper again unless they use a special item from the in-app store to bypass the cooldown.

Players can witness the Reaper’s HP dropping real-time and see other players engaging in simultaneous battles, building a sense of camaraderie among players.

If the Reaper isn’t defeated within 24 hours, the portal will close, disappear, and relocate together with the Reaper.

Party Lobby: Banding Together

Players can form parties to fight Reapers as a group, even if members are in different locations. A lobby is needed to initiate the party, and players can invite up to 3 of their friends. Once everyone is ready, the battle commences.

Rewards: The Spoils of Victory

Each portal has a prize pool based on its level. Players who participate in the battle against the Reaper receive a share of the prize pool in proportion to the damage they dealt to the Reaper.

Once the Reaper is defeated, the portal closes, and Portal Key holders are guaranteed at least 5% of the prize pool. The remaining pool is distributed proportionately among all players who fought the Reaper based on their individual contributions to the battle.

To help illustrate how rewards are distributed, let’s look at a hypothetical scenario:

Portal Prize Pool: 1,000 GIN

  • Player A (Portal Key Holder): dealt 30% damage
  • Player B: dealt 20% damage
  • Player C: dealt 10% damage
  • Player D: dealt 40% damage

In this scenario, the rewards are distributed as follows:

  1. Player A (Portal Key Holder) receives 5% of the prize pool (guaranteed minimum) plus 30% of the remaining 950 units. Total reward: 50 + 285 = 335 GIN.
  2. Player B receives 20% of the 950 units = 190 GIN.
  3. Player C receives 10% of the 950 units = 95 GIN.
  4. Player D receives 40% of the 950 units = 380 GIN.

As you can see, the rewards are distributed proportionately, based on the damage dealt by each player, with Portal Key holders receiving a guaranteed minimum share. This system encourages collaboration and strategic planning to maximize the rewards obtained from each portal battle.

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