Gate of Abyss – Major Update Patch Notes 0.4.2

Exciting New Features:

  • New Monsters: Brace yourselves for a host of new monsters! We’ve lined up tons of exciting new challenges that we think you’ll love. Get ready for epic battles and thrilling encounters!
  • UI Makeover: We’ve been hard at work tweaking the user interface to make it smoother, more inviting, and responsive. Our goal is to enhance your adventures and make them even more immersive.
  • Skill Trees Galore: The new skill tree system is here, and it’s packed with potential! I personally can’t wait to see the builds you come up with. Dive into the depth of customization and strategize to your heart’s content.
  • Spells to Amaze: Get ready for some spellbinding new spells! We’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing them and are excited for you to try them out. They’re sure to add a magical touch to your battles.
  • Level cap raised to 75

UI and Gameplay Enhancements:

  • UI Overhaul: Enjoy an enhanced user interface that’s more intuitive and descriptive, making your gameplay experience smoother and more engaging.
  • Gear Sorting and Selection: Players can now sort and select gear by rarity, streamlining your gear management and ensuring you can gear up efficiently for your adventures. Equipped gear will always be at the top of the gear list. Newly obtained gear will be underneath your equipped gear.

Quests and Rewards:

  • Daily Login Quests: Jump into new daily quests available each day. Fresh challenges await you every time you log in!
  • Revamped Reward System: We’ve overhauled the reward system for daily quests, making them more rewarding and worth your effort.

Visual Upgrades:

Character Model Updates: Our character models have received a fresh update, enhancing their appearance and bringing them to life with more detail and vibrancy.

New Skill Tree System

Introducing a new skill tree allowing players to further enhance and customize their character builds for deeper progression.

  • New Combat Animations: Many new animations have been added to combat, enriching the visual experience and engagement.
  • New Spells: A variety of new spells have been added, expanding the tactical options available to players in battle.

New Battle Arenas: 

Explore and compete in several new battle arenas, each designed with unique themes and challenges.

  • Visual Improvements to Outposts: Outposts across the map have received significant visual upgrades, enhancing their appearance and immersion.
  • New Mobs: Many new mobs have been added to the game, providing fresh challenges and enriching the combat experience.

New Dungeon Rewards:

  • Bonus Rewards: Players will now receive bonus rewards every 5 floors in the dungeons, enhancing the gameplay experience and rewards progression.
  • Divine Chests: Every 10 floors, players will earn a Divine Chest, packed with valuable items and exclusive rewards.
  • Leaderboard Incentives: At the end of each week, the top players on the dungeon leaderboard will be awarded a special gin reward, adding an extra layer of competition and excitement.
  • 1st place: 1000 Gin
  • 2nd place: 750 Gin
  • 3rd place: 450 Gin
  • 4th & 5th places: 300 Gin each
  • 6th-10th places: 150 Gin each

New Building Access Feature:

  • Direct Menu Access: Players can now access all owned buildings directly through a newly introduced menu. This update simplifies navigation and enhances the user experience by allowing quicker and more organized management of your buildings.
  • Enhanced Management: Easily view, manage, and interact with your buildings from one convenient location. Dive deeper into your strategic plans and optimize your setups without the hassle of navigating through multiple screens.

New Fragmentation Feature

  • Multi-Item Fragmentation: Players can now fragment multiple items in the Blacksmith at once, up to a maximum of 30 items. This new feature is designed to streamline the process, allowing for more efficient inventory management and quicker item recycling.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Save time and manage your resources more effectively with the ability to batch-fragment items. This update is all about making your gameplay experience smoother and more user-friendly.

We just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for reading through our latest patch notes. Your dedication and engagement are what drive us to keep improving Gate of Abyss. We’re excited about the changes and additions we’ve shared, and we hope you are too!

As always, your feedback is invaluable to us. After you’ve experienced the new features, please let us know what you think. Whether it’s a new monster that caught your eye, the revamped UI, or the expanded skill trees and spells, we’re here to listen and make your gaming experience the best it can be.

Happy gaming, and thank you for being such an awesome community!

Stay adventurous!

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