Unveiling the Immersive World Map in Gate of Abyss: Explore, Interact, and Conquer!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to embark on a thrilling adventure, exploring a beautiful and mysterious world while interacting with fascinating creatures and characters? The mobile game Gate of Abyss invites you to do just that with its incredible GPS-based World Map feature.

Navigating the Stunning World Map

Not Final World Map Design

Gate of Abyss features a world map utilising GPS navigation to immerse you in a real-world environment. Your character appears on the screen and moves through the map as you physically navigate your surroundings. This unique gaming experience combines exploration, interaction, and territory conquest, offering endless hours of entertainment.

Essential Tools and Features

The World Map interface boasts a low-poly art style, providing simplicity and optimal performance. A compass is displayed on the top right of the screen, and the camera is fixed on your character. You can easily access the chat system and settings by toggling between the bottom left and right buttons. Additionally, players can switch between Normal View and Region View by tapping the switch button.

Interacting with Points of Interest (POI)

As you navigate the World Map, you’ll encounter various Points of Interest (POI) you can interact with by tapping on them. These POIs include buildings, mobs, NPCs, portals, territories, dungeons, outposts, and pubs. Each interaction offers different functions and benefits, such as completing quests, attacking enemies, and restoring your character’s health and mana.

Experience Different Views: Normal View and Region View

Gate of Abyss offers two distinct map views: Normal and Region View. In Normal View, you can interact with mobs, outposts, portals, buildings, and territories while playing the game. Region View removes other points of interest and only shows outposts and outlets further away.

Day/Night Cycle and Weather Effects

To further enhance the immersive experience, Gate of Abyss features a Day/Night cycle that adjusts according to your local time zone. Daylight offers a brighter view and generally sunny or cloudy weather, while nighttime presents a darker view without sunny or cloudy conditions. The game includes four weather types: Sunny, Rainy, Snowy, and Nightfall.

Join us in the enthralling world of Gate of Abyss and experience a unique, GPS-based adventure that seamlessly blends the real world with a captivating fantasy realm.

Are you ready to explore, interact, and conquer?

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