Elevate Your GOALAND Experience With These Latest Updates

Hello, Gate of Abyss community! We’re thrilled to bring you some exciting news today. Our team has been working hard to refine the GOA App, improving its usability and overall user experience.

We’re eager to share the latest features that will make managing your GOALAND plots a breeze. Let’s dive in!

Satellite View

Ever wanted to get a bird’s eye view of your virtual real estate? Now you can start with our new Satellite View feature. This lets you see your plots as they are recorded from satellites, providing a unique perspective of your digital properties.

Land Viewer Interface

Navigating your virtual real estate portfolio has never been easier! Our redesigned Land Viewer Interface is more intuitive and user-friendly. You can now effortlessly browse through your land plots, making the management of your properties seamless and efficient.

Highlighted Land Plots

The land viewer now offers improved visibility and selection options for all owned plots, making it easier to distinguish between individual land plots and collections. Additionally, to help you quickly identify your land plots, we’ve implemented a feature highlighting your properties in red. These visual cue will save you time and effort when scanning through the GOA App map.

Detailed Information On GOALAND

We have enhanced the information displayed when you select any owned plots. Now, not only can you see the essential details, like the owner and name of the collection, but we’ve also added more granular details. You can now know if the land is minted through the NFT badge, the land’s market value, and more. Clicking on the GOALAND collection’s NFT badge also redirects you to its listing on OpenSea, where you can purchase it or make an offer.

These detailed land information will equip you with everything you need to effectively manage your digital real estate portfolio.

Streamline Your Asset Management Experience

Effortlessly manage your assets with the updated My Assets page. Selecting land collections, individual land plots, or plots within a collection has never been easier. The map will automatically zoom in on your selection, providing a clearer visual representation of your land plots, streamlining your management process.

Customizable User Profile

Personalize your GOA experience with the ability to change your username and profile picture. Make your profile yours and stand out in the Gate of Abyss community!

A Mesmerizing Journey

We hope these updates enhance your experience with the GOA App and make managing your land plots more enjoyable and efficient. Remember, your feedback is invaluable to us, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and suggestions. As we refine and expand our features, we look forward to further improving your journey in Gate of Abyss. Happy exploring, adventurers!

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