Gate of Abyss Launches on Android & iOS

Congratulations are in order! Gate of Abyss is now downloadable in 174 out of 177 countries on the Google Play Store. The list doesn’t include China since Play Store doesn’t operate there, and we’ll be looking to work with a local partner in this region. While we’re ironing out additional requirements for Brazil, Korea, and Japan, players in these regions will need a bit more patience. 

While the App Store listing is still in progress, you can play Gate of Abyss on iOS through TestFlight (Apple’s Developer Program). For Apple users, please download TestFlight, and then download Gate of Abyss here.

The Early Access Launch

Gate of Abyss offers an unparalleled adventure rooted in Earth’s ancient tales. Combat the dark Chthonians threatening our world, explore a rich tapestry of locations, and challenge the mighty Reapers. This release is our Early Access launch, and it represents a monumental step forward. However, it’s just the beginning, since we are using this as an opportunity to gather invaluable feedback, refine gameplay, and then catapult into a massive marketing spree for a wider audience. 

What you can do in this Early Access version:

  • Genesis Penguins will aid players in battles and gather loot during adventures (instructions below). 
  • TipsyCoin ($tipsy) stakeholders can introduce their staked Gin ($gin) into the game, by bridging Gin from the blockchain to in-game. 
  • For our landowners, the future is brimming with potential. The ownership of GOALAND land plots will soon equate to earning a portion of the in-game transactions. While the full integration, including the establishment of in-game infrastructures like shops, will come in subsequent releases, we’re already laying the groundwork. For now, landowners will enjoy increased loot drop rates!
  • You can also play as a regular gamer with no necessity to partake in the blockchain aspects of the game. 
  • Open portals in your area to fight Reapers, or join the rest of the community for a coordinated effort via global portals

Using your Genesis Penguins in Gate of Abyss

The wallet that is connected to your GOA App account is the one that your Gate of Abyss game profile will fetch data from. If you want to use your Genesis Penguins in Gate of Abyss, be sure to have them in the same wallet that you have paired with your GOA App.

Your GOA App account will also function as your game account.

Instead of creating a new user account in the game, use the same login details as your GOA App account – so no need to create a new game username / password!

Join Our Community

If you haven’t already, join us on Discord to vibe with fellow players! Our moderators can also assist you should you face any difficulties installing and setting up the game.

The Tipsy Team

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