Global Portals: The Ultimate Collaborative Challenge

In a world fraught with magic, intrigue, and looming threats, brave players across the globe now have the opportunity to prove their mettle, defending Earth against a menace that transcends boundaries. We’re thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking in-game feature, the Global Portals, which will offer gamers an unparalleled collaborative experience.

Join the Fight Against The Chthonian Invasion

Imagine this: the world map suddenly illuminates a specific city, indicating it’s under siege. The Chthonians, having returned to our realm, are pouring out from a massive portal, and at its heart is the Reaper – a terrifying guardian with immense power.

Teleport & Team Up:

No matter where you are in the game, you can instantly teleport to the embattled city. Join forces with players worldwide, converging on this one location to fend off the Chthonian onslaught.

One Enemy, One Global Response:

The Reaper isn’t your everyday foe. With an astronomical amount of HP, it’s designed to challenge not just one, but thousands of players. Solo-players, brace yourselves; the Reaper is not to be underestimated. It will require global teamwork and strategy to bring this beast down.

Leaderboards, Rewards & Strategic Gameplay

Compete And Collaborate:

As players unleash their might upon the Reaper, a dynamic leaderboard will track and display the damage dealt by individual participants. Not only does this add a competitive edge to the challenge, but it also ensures everyone’s efforts are recognized.

Reap Rewards:

Your valor won’t go unnoticed. Rewards will be proportionally distributed based on the damage you inflict on the Reaper. So, the more you contribute to the Reaper’s defeat, the richer your rewards.

Rewards List:

1st Position receives = 5,000 Gold, 500 Gin, 1 Skill Orb, 1 God-Tier Gear & 1 Companion
2nd to 5th, each receives = 3,000 Gold, 200 Gin, 1 Skill Orb, 1 Legendary Gear & 1 Companion
6th to 10th, each receives = 2,000 Gold, 150 Gin, 1 Skill Orb, 1 Rare Gear & 1 Companion
11th to 20th, each receives = 1,250 Gold, 100 Gin, 1 Skill Orb, 1 Rare Gear & 1 Companion

Joining The Combat (players who deal damage to the Reaper but do not attain a spot within the top 20 places in the Leaderboard), each receives = 250 Gold, 10 Gin

Last Hit receives = 1,000 Gold, 150 Gin, 1 Skill Orb, 1 Legendary Gear & 1 Companion

Rewards are cumulative, but players can only receive a maximum of 1 Skill Orb and 1 Companion as part of each battle’s rewards.

Example: If a player attains 2nd position plus deals the last bit of damage to the Reaper, they will get the cumulative rewards from both categories: 3,000 Gold, 200 Gin, 1 Skill Orb, 1 Legendary Gear & 1 Companion + 1,000 Gold, 150 Gin & 1 Legendary Gear.

Risk and Resilience:

Venturing into the heart of a Chthonian invasion is perilous. Fall in battle against the Reaper, and you’ll face a cooldown period before diving back into the fray. Strategize wisely!

Ever-Evolving Challenges:

Once the Reaper guarding a portal is defeated, the threat is not over. The portal will close, and in due course, another will open in a different city. The unpredictability of these portals means players must always be on their toes, ready to teleport and defend at a moment’s notice.

In Conclusion

The Global Portals are a testament to our commitment to evolving the game, bringing players together in unexpected, exciting ways, and deepening the narrative of a world under siege. The Chthonians may be formidable, but with players from every corner of the globe joining forces, we believe the tide can turn. Ready your weapons, harness your magic, and stand united against the Reapers!

Join us in this global effort. Every portal, every Reaper defeated, is a step closer to securing our world from the abyssal threat. The fate of Earth is in your hands. Happy gaming!

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