Gate of Abyss v0.6.2 Patch Notes

Bugs Fixes and Changes

New Mail Indicator

  • An indicator has been added to notify players of new mail.

Time Settings

  • The game’s time for chat messages now follows the user’s phone settings.


  • A notification indicator now appears when there is an active event.

Gear Stat Updates

  • Stats for various types of gear have been changed to fit certain classes better.

Realtime Portal Attacks

  • Players can now see the HP of portals change in real-time.

Penguin Usability Post-Adventure

  • Players can now use their penguins immediately after they return from an adventure, without waiting 24 hours.
  • Some penguin visuals have been updated

New Adventure Rewards for Genesis Penguin

Penguins now bring back divine boxes. Higher rarity penguins bring more boxes at a time.

  • Common: 1 divine box
  • Rare: 2 divine boxes
  • Legendary: 4 divine boxes
  • Godlike: 5 divine boxes

Bug Fix: Missing Portals

  • Fixed a bug where many portals were missing.

Bug Fix: Level Display

  • Fixed a bug where all levels displayed as +0 when leveling up.

Bug Fix: Outposts and Shops Disappearance

  • Fixed a bug where outposts and shops would disappear after fighting a mob.

Bug Fix: Passive Skills

  • Fixed a bug where passive skills were not working.

Bug Fix: Gear Animation

  • Fixed a bug with certain gear having buggy animations.

Bug Fix: Double Update Issue

  • Fixed an issue where the game would show updates twice and still prompt for updates upon logging in.

Abyssal Shards Introduction!

New Premium Currency

  • Abyssal Shards are now available as the new premium currency in Gate of Abyss replacing Gin.

Gin Conversion

  • Gin will no longer be available for direct purchase via in-app purchases (IAP). However, it can still be used in-game to acquire the new Abyssal Shards.
  • Conversion Rate: 5 Gin can be converted into 1 Abyssal Shard.

Obtaining Gin

Gin can now only be obtained from:

  • Mob drops
  • Staking Tipsy

Obtaining Abyssal Shards

Shards can be obtained from:

  • Chests
  • Penguins
  • Daily login rewards
  • Marketplace
  • Gin conversion

Objective: We recognized that having two forms of Gin—blockchain Gin and in-game Gin—was causing confusion among both web 2 and web 3 players, as they were not directly connected. This setup inadvertently imposed a hard value lock on Gin, as players could purchase Gin for a set dollar amount in the game. To enhance the value of Gin and improve the overall game economy, we’ve implemented changes designed to provide players with more meaningful ways to earn and utilize their resources. This adjustment aims to create a more cohesive and engaging experience for all players, ensuring that Gin holds significant value across both in-game activities and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Revamped Marketplace

A new and improved marketplace is now available.

Players can use the marketplace to purchase various items such as:

  • Skill points
  • Gold
  • Gear
  • Materials

Thank you for taking the time to read the latest patch notes and for your continued dedication to Gate of Abyss. Your support and enthusiasm mean the world to us, and we are committed to making the game better with each update.
We couldn’t have come this far without you, and we are excited about the journey ahead. Your feedback and passion drive us to keep improving and expanding the world of GOA.
Thank you for playing and supporting Gate of Abyss!

Best regards,
The Gate of Abyss Team

P.S. Something evil has been stirring in the shadows…

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