Gate of Abyss Update 0.5.5

Patch Notes 0.5.5

New Features

  • Companion Leveling:
    • You can now level up your companions.
  • Offline Auto-Farming:
    • Companions can now auto farm while you are offline, collecting EXP for you and the companion.

Classes and Abilities

  • Advanced Classes:
    • Introduced new advanced classes that bring a host of new abilities.
    • Warrior:
      • Knight: A tank-style class that fights with swords.
      • Battlemage: Utilizes swords as its weapon and casts abilities using both mana and strength.
      • Hunter: Fights with guns using dexterity abilities.
    • Thief:
      • Hunter: Fights with guns using dexterity abilities.
      • Assassin: Uses swords and utilizes both strength and dexterity for damage.
    • Mage:
      • Wizard: Uses mind abilities and wields a two-handed staff to cast powerful spells.
      • Battlemage: Utilizes swords as its weapon and casts abilities using both mana and strength.
  • New Spells and Passive Abilities:
    • Added new spells and passive abilities to enhance gameplay and strategy.

Gear and Equipment

  • New Gear:
    • Added new gear items to the game.
  • Gear Details Section:
    • Added a new details section when inspecting gear.
  • Gear Locking:
    • You can now lock gear to prevent accidental fragmentation.


  • Increased Rewards:
    • Portals now offer increased rewards based on difficulty.
  • Portal Balancing:
    • You now only get one turn per Reaper’s turn.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Monster Selection:
    • You can now select new monsters to fight after a battle without exiting back to the map screen.
  • Inbox for Mail:
    • An inbox for mail has been added to receive all rewards.
  • Chat Time Stamps:
    • Time stamps have been added to chat for better tracking of conversations.
  • Discord Link:
    • The Discord link has been re-added for easier community access. Join our Discord
  • Quest Rewards:
    • Improved quest rewards for better incentives.
  • Skill Changes:
    • Changes to skills now require larger numbers to level up, which is why skills may appear to have decreased.
  • Wandering Mobs:
    • Wandering mobs now have higher-level greaters available.
  • Companion Points:
    • Additional companions obtained that have already been collected are now converted into companion points.

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