Unveiling Daily Income: Boost Your Rewards In Gate Of Abyss

As you progress through the captivating world of Gate of Abyss, you’ll encounter features that grant you Daily Income. These rewards are an excellent way to enhance your in-game experience and can be claimed daily.

What Is Daily Income?

Daily Income are rewards that players accumulate and can be claimed each day for completing specific in-game tasks or maintaining control of certain territories, such as outposts.

Please note that Daily Income will reset if players do not log in to the game between 0:00 and 23:59 on a given day.

In Phase 1, Daily Income Come From Outposts & Companion Adventures

  1. Outpost – Provides the following:
    • Gold
    • Items
  2. Companion Adventure

Players who capture an outpost receive profits as part of their Daily Income. When players log in, these rewards will be included in the notification screen, showcasing their total earnings claimable.

Outpost Rewards reset every day, so don’t miss out on your chance to maximize your Daily Income!

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