Conquering The Outposts

Greetings Guardians!

We’re here to bring you another thrilling update. This time, we are unveiling the intricacies of the Outpost system in Gate of Abyss.

Outposts act as Points of Interest (POI) and hold the key to vast rewards if claimed successfully.

Are you ready to unravel the mystery of the Outposts? Let’s dive in!

Encountering The Outposts

While journeying through the game world, Outposts emerge as Points of Interest and are fiercely guarded bastions overseen by a powerful Chieftain and their pair of monstrous sidekicks.

Each Outpost contains treasures to be won by the brave Guardians who dare venture to stake their claim. Although the Outposts’ geographical position and power level remain identical for all players, the victor of each is a unique and personal conquest.

Navigating Through The Outpost Interface

When you click on an unclaimed Outpost, an interface appears with crucial information to help you prepare for the battle ahead. This includes the Chieftain’s avatar and name, the level of the Chieftain (equal to the Outpost level), and a description of the daily reward you can claim upon victory.

The Combat Mechanics

Engaging in combat is a simple click of the “Attack” button away. However, the battles are anything but easy. Whether you emerge victorious or are defeated, it’s important to understand each scenario.

  1. Victory: Conquer the Chieftain and their monsters to claim the Outpost and receive daily rewards.
  2. Defeat: A loss in the battle won’t cost you any EXP, Gold, or items, but it will leave your character with minimal HP and MP. The Chieftain and their monsters are fully healed and ready for the next battle.
  3. Flee: If you choose to flee or if you get disconnected during the battle, your character remains in the state at the time of fleeing/disconnection. The Chieftain and their minions, however, have their stats fully restored.

Reaping The Rewards Of Outpost Ownership

Once you’ve claimed an Outpost, you become eligible for daily rewards. Your first reward will be available on the next day’s first login. Remember, these rewards are not cumulative; if you don’t claim them daily, you lose them. For the Guardians powerful enough to occupy multiple Outposts, a combined reward awaits you during your first login of each day.

Unleash your battle prowess, claim Outposts, and earn daily rewards. This is another way to etch your unique journey in Gate of Abyss!

Are you ready to rise to the challenge?

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