The Character System: Shaping Your Potential In Gate Of Abyss

Hello, Guardians!

We’re excited to share yet another dynamic feature of Gate of Abyss with you – the Character System. This intricate system breathes life into your gameplay, allowing you to fully embody a character of your choosing, with unique abilities, strengths, and a journey tailored to your style.

Your character isn’t just a passive entity but an avatar that actively shapes your gaming experience. Ready to learn how to best wield your character’s potential and navigate your way in the world of Gate of Abyss?

Let’s get started!

Mastering Your Character’s Stats

Embracing the Core Stats
  • Health Points (HP): Your character’s lifeline. The higher, the better.
  • Mana Points (MP): The power behind your special abilities and spells.
  • Level (LVL): Your character’s progress indicator. The maximum cap? A whopping 255.
  • Experience Points (EXP): The bread and butter of character growth, pushing you closer to the next level.
  • Vision (VIS): Your sight of the gaming world. The higher it is, the farther you see on the world map.
Unlocking The Power Of Attribute Stats

Evolving with each level up, these stats are influenced by the chosen Class of your character.

  • Strength (STR): Boosting your might, it amplifies the physical damage you can deal.
  • Vitality (VIT): Enhancing your resilience, it increases your HP and physical resistance.
  • Mind (MND): The key to mystic prowess, it augments the magical damage you inflict.
  • Spirit (SPI): A source of inner power, it escalates your Mana and magical resistance.
  • Dexterity (DEX): Fine-tuning your precision, it heightens your critical hit rate and damage.
  • Speed (SPD): A game-changer in battles, it minimizes time between turns and enhances both your hit and evade rates.
Leveraging Luck Stats For A Competitive Edge
  • Hit Rate (HIT): Ensures your strikes find their mark.
  • Evade Rate (EVA): Provides you a chance to fully dodge the enemy’s attacks.
  • Critical Rate (CRI): Increases the likelihood of your attacks resulting in critical hits.
  • Critical Damage (CRD): Determines how much more damage a critical hit causes compared to a regular hit.

Your journey in the game is unique, defined by the character you mould and the choices you make. It’s not just about equipping the most powerful gear or levelling up as fast as possible. It’s about understanding your character’s strengths and weaknesses, harnessing the power of their stats, and strategically choosing when to fight and when to explore.

Remember, in this vast gaming world, your character is not just a digital avatar. It’s an extension of your gaming persona, a representation of your strategies and decisions. So, gear up, venture out, and let your character etch a story of growth and conquest in the vibrant landscape of the Gate of Abyss.

No two journeys are the same, just as no two characters are the same. Here’s to your unique gaming adventure!

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