Gate of Abyss: Embarking on a New Epoch!

We’re ecstatic to share with you an update that marks a pivotal moment in the Gate of Abyss saga that will revitalize your adventure with us. Let’s explore the depths of this transformative update and delve into some upcoming happenings!

Realm of Renewal: Discover the Game-Changing Updates

Today, we have exciting updates about the journey you’ve embarked on in the fantastical world where reality and fantasy intertwine, the Gate of Abyss. As we continue to evolve, it’s crucial to keep our adventurous community well-informed, ensuring a harmonious and thrilling experience for all.

Gate of Abyss Launches on Android & iOS

Gate of Abyss is now downloadable in 174 out of 177 countries on the Google Play Store. While the App Store listing is still in progress, you can play Gate of Abyss on iOS through TestFlight (Apple’s Developer Program).

Conquering The Outposts

We’re here to bring you another thrilling update. This time, we are unveiling the intricacies of the Outpost system in Gate of Abyss. Outposts act as Points of Interest (POI) and hold the key to vast rewards if claimed successfully. Are you ready to unravel the mystery of the Outposts? Let’s dive in!

Exploring The Quest System

We’re illuminating a crucial part of our game – the Quest system, which fuses narrative and gameplay to bring the lore of Gate of Abyss to life.