Gate of Abyss: Embarking on a New Epoch!

Hello, Brave Souls of the Abyss!

Today, we’re ecstatic to share with you an update that marks a pivotal moment in the Gate of Abyss saga. This isn’t just an update; it’s a metamorphosis, promising to revitalize your adventure with us. Let’s explore the depths of this transformative update and delve into the much-anticipated server reset details.

A New Dawn in User Interface and Gameplay

We’ve meticulously refined the user interface, transforming the ‘Shop Old (UI)’ into a more intuitive ‘Market’, tailored for a seamless navigation experience. It’s not just an aesthetic upgrade; it’s a commitment to providing you with a more efficient and enjoyable journey in the Abyss.

Architectural Renaissance: Building and Vendor System

Immerse yourself in the newly introduced building system, where your strategic prowess comes to life. Construct up to 5 shops and interact with the Wandering Dealer for a dynamic resource management experience. This enhancement brings a fresh dimension to the game, blending strategy with creativity.

Combat and Gameplay: The Evolution

Brace yourself for an exhilarating combat overhaul! Mobs now possess unique abilities, making each encounter a fresh challenge. We’ve also ironed out kinks in various skills and battle mechanics, ensuring a fair and engaging combat experience.

Empowering Players: Account and Resource Management

Your journey through the game is now more rewarding, with expanded skill slots and streamlined inventory management. Direct use of potions and Name-Tags from the inventory elevates your gameplay, allowing you to focus more on exploration and strategy.

Shop and Item System: Refined for Elegance

We’ve overhauled the gear purchase logic, eliminating the frustration of duplicate item purchases. Stability improvements in shop creation ensure that your resources are safeguarded, allowing you to build and expand with confidence.

Staying Connected: Notifications and Announcements

Our newly integrated ‘News’ feature and enhanced notification system will keep you abreast of your progress and the latest developments in the Gate of Abyss universe. We’re committed to providing a cohesive and immersive player experience.

The Crucial Server Reset: A New Foundation

A server reset will take place after we have done some rebalancing of the gear system / drop rate mechanics, etc. – and while we don’t yet have a date for this, please keep a lookout for further announcements. Here’s what it entails:

  • Character Reset: All characters will restart from Level 1, offering a fresh start and the chance to explore new classes. Fear not, your previous efforts will be rewarded with in-game Gin, proportionate to your prior achievements.
  • Inventory Reset: Your inventory will be reset, including materials and potions. However, this paves the way for a more balanced progression for all players.
  • Gear and Equipment: While gear won’t be carried over, you’ll receive Gin compensation based on the value of your accumulated gear.
  • Portal Keys and GOALAND Plots: These remain unaffected, preserving key aspects of your journey.
  • Outposts and Shops: Outpost ownership won’t be carried over, but the shops you’ve built will remain, ready for the new era.
  • In-Game Username: You’ll have the option for a one-time free name change, enhancing your identity in the Abyss.

Special Incentive

Achieve Level 25 before the reset to earn 3 free land credits, adding value to your renewed adventure in the Gate of Abyss!

Embrace the Change

This update and reset are more than just changes; they are a commitment to you, our community, to ensure a constantly evolving, balanced, and thrilling game experience. So gear up, update your client via the Google Play Store / TestFlight – Apple has sent an email to all registered users… and let’s dive into this new, uncharted chapter together!

Adventurous Regards, The Gate of Abyss Team

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