Location-Based RPG Game

Gate of Abyss is an immersive RPG loot-style game set in a richly detailed fantasy universe. Players are invited to explore vast landscapes, delve into treacherous dungeons, and battle fearsome monsters while gathering powerful gear and treasures. The game boasts a robust skill tree system, allowing for extensive character customization and strategic gameplay. With weekly quests, daily login rewards, and dynamic events, there is always something new to discover.


Roam around with friends or alone in real-life and discover hidden quests & treasures.


Defend our World by destroying portals, fighting against darkness. Or take part in PvP arenas and taking control over territories.


Provide commerce by building shops, blacksmiths and more in real-life locations. Build a town hall in your hometown and grow your population.

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Protect the World From Chaos

Portals are sprouting out of every corner in the world, and evil creatures are emerging out of it. Travel around and close these portals and put an end to the turmoil, but beware of Reapers that guard these portals watchfully.

Play with friends

Can't take down the portals solo? Form a party or rally your guild and plan a coordinated attack.

Bounty for your efforts

Receive special equipment and rewards for a successful conquest. Every party/guild member who helps to take down a portal receives a bounty.

Strike while the iron's hot

Reapers are hardy and resourceful fighters. You have a limited time to defeat them before they rejuvenate back to their original state.

Own Virtual Real Estate

Gate Of Abyss Land is mapped to the real world geographic map. Only one of each plot of land is available. As an owner of a plot of land, you passively enjoy certain privileges which result from in-game activity that players engage in when they are standing on your plot of land.

400m x 400m land plots

Each land is a 400x400 meter grid. Own one or more land plots and become a land owner.

Monetize your land

Receive income from in-game transactions on your land or simply sell it from capital gain.

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